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HF Cow
HF Cows are known for their high milk production rate. These dairy animals produce maximum 6500 kg milk per lactation. These have up to 770 kg weight and 1.47 meter average shoulder height.
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cows are known for their small body size and short horns. Milk produced by this breed of cattle is full of butter fat. These animals have maximum 1200 pounds weight and these can adapt to various climactic conditions.
Murrah Buffalo
Murrah Buffaloes are reckoned for their jet black body color. Originally found in Northern states of India, this breed of cattle has short curved and compact horns. Their average height is 132 cm and body weight is 650 kg.
Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cows are known for their high milk productivity. Milk production capacity of these cows is 8 kg to 10 kg and their average body weight is 425 kg. Produced milk contains 4.5% fat.
Tharparkar Cow
Tharparkar Cows produce approximately 1135 kg milk per lactation and their average body weight is 408 kg. This breed of dairy animals has been named after a province in Sind.

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